WINNER: Best Experimental Performance, 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival

WINNER: Special Commendation- Best Theatre, 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival

NOMINATED: Best Theatre, 2013 Perth Fringe World Festival

HIGHLIGHT: Of the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival, ABC Arts

 Sweet Child of Mine is an award winning collaboration between performer Bron Batten and her elderly parents.

Providing frank opinions on contemporary performance, the avant garde and Bron’s own artistic past, her Mum and Dad’s insights are poignant, earnest and painfully hilarious.

Asking themselves and and the audience: what exactly is the POINT of art?

A mixture of theatre, dance, stand-up and awkward family function, Sweet Child of Mine is for anyone who has trouble talking to their parents about who they are – or what they do for a living.

Sweet Child of Mine has been performed in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and at The Neo Futurists Theatre in Chicago with touring support from The Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Victoria. The work was also presented at BATS Theatre in Wellington New Zealand in 2016 and co-presented by Gilded Balloon for the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland UK.

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 ‘Charming, brave and sentimental, Sweet Child of Mine speaks winningly about art, love and respect… Excruciating and hilarious…’ SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

‘…Instantly relatable and delightfully unpredictable… Sweet Child of Mine is case-in-point for the transformative power of theatre…★★★★’ TIMEOUT CHICAGO

‘Unforgettable ★★★★’ EDFEST MAG, EDINBURGH

‘You can’t fail to be moved’ ONE 4 REVIEW EDINBURGH

‘A must-see show… filled to the brim with laughs, captivating stories and refreshing honesty. Incredibly touching’ EXPRESS MEDIA

‘A poignant metaphor for a whole variety of of intergenerational discussion… A thoughtful and well-evolved piece; perhaps even one to take your parents to ★★★★’ BROADWAY BABY, EDINBURGH

‘Like a less-entitled Lena Dunham, Batten enjoys exploiting the awkward in the autobiographical… Hilarious’ THE AGE

‘This is a wonderful show. It gently rips the piss out of pretentious contemporary performance while still holding hands with it… A wonky little ball of pure joy’ AUSTRALIAN STAGE

‘Batten is loaded with talent, absurdly comfortable onstage, and despite her deceptive ease, she delivers a highly complex performance’ NEW CITY STAGE CHICAGO

‘Batten’s self-deprecating wit and her parents’ roles as unwitting comics provide a refreshing and playful approach to the perplexing nature of art… A wicked sense of the ridiculous’ REALTIME

‘Incredibly moving… Heartbreakingly familiar… Exquisite.’ ARTS HUB

 ‘Hilarious and subversive… My heart is still grinning’ AUSSIE THEATRE

‘An enlightened ode to the act of creation… A lovely valentine to the relationship parents have to their black sheep children’ CHICAGO THEATER BEAT

 ‘Funny and honest… left many in the audience gasping…’ THE BRAG- SYDNEY

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